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The 2024-2025 Scholarship application period is open! Winners will be chosen by the LIADO scholarship committee. Recipient names will be posted to the LIADO website in June 2024.

The 2024 Scholarship application has been updated. Applicants are now asked to download and email their completed applications and all supporting documents to the official LIADO email address of

2024-2025 Scholarship Application

All rules and instructions are described in the application PDF. This year applicants are asked to pay a small application fee to cover the cost of mail, printing, and other associated fees. Applicants can pay that fee here or via the following QR code.


LIADO, The Italian-American Women of Today is privileged to have awarded $198,000 in scholarships to date. Along with this year's LIADO scholarships, we will award the 4th annual $1,000 Marie Del Sesto Tartaglia Memorial Scholarship in honor of our dear member who passed away. 

LIADO is pleased and proud to announce our 2023-2024 Scholarship Winners. There were quite a few applications this year, and the scholarship committee spent quite a bit of time reading and rating all the candidates. But they've submitted this final list.

2023-2024 LIADO Scholarship Winners

Dean Schroeder

Matilda Crisp

Laura Schroeder

Hanna Raiehle

2023-2024 Tartaglia Scholarship Winner

Christina Leighton

Thank you to our Scholarship Committee for their unflagging dedication to the process and to selecting the very best possible candidates. We know this is a difficult and time-consuming task. We and the candidates are grateful for your work.

We congratulate all the recipients.  It was a very difficult selection and we wish everyone the best on their education journey!

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